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Liqvd Asia Case Study - Voxpop
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Voxpop
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Voxpop
  • challenge

    VoxPop, an online retailer, known for its Pop-culture merchandise wanted to appear on Google's first page with minimum spends.

  • approach

    The idea here was to leverage Google’s Image Search algorithm to organically show VoxPop Images on Google search listing, whenever pop-culture events are keyed in. Thus driving more visibility, relevant traffic to the website, which ultimately resulted in sales.

  • solution

    The image update released by Google starting 16th Feb. 2018, presented a very lucrative proposition. Now on Google image “view image” option is no longer available, making each image clickable, driving traffic directly to the website. We creatively took advantage of this change in algorithm.

  • result

    - Product images started listing on top image search within 40 days - 22% increase in organic traffic by the end of the first quarter - 3X new users visited the website - Resulting in a direct contribution of INR 45 million in sales

Voxpop  /   eCommerce   /   Fashion   /   Brand Strat   /   Media   /   Search Engine Marketing   /   2018

How Google Helped us Sell T-Shirts for Free!

India has witnessed a 53% growth in fashion e-comm queries. With the great market surge, comes great search potential. With Google’s latest Google Search Update, VoxPop showed their products on Google Searching Listing, whenever pop-culture events were keyed in.

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