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  • challenge

    Axis Bank wanted to personalise their consumers’ banking experiences, by revamping their app.

  • approach

    We wanted to make the app as simple and user friendly as possible, and also personalise each experience basis the customer’s needs.

  • solution

    We created a simple, easy-to-operate app that catered to Premium, Prime and Youth sections, giving the consumers the freedom to navigate through the website according to their preferences.

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A Customised App Experience by Axis Bank

Axis Bank wanted to revamp their app to make it simpler, and more personalised to the users. They wanted it to be premium, yet youthful enough to give their consumers the freedom to choose their own navigation styles. So that’s what we did. We created the Super, Brilliant, Genius Banking app. It catered to Premium, Prime and Youth sections, giving consumers the leeway to personalise their navigation, reorder functions, add beneficiaries and more, with a single click.

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