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Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
Liqvd Asia Case Study - Living Foodz
  • challenge

    LivingFoodz had seen an exponential shift in their content, from traditional to more now. The challenge we faced then, was to change the brand’s perception, thereby expanding their viewer base to younger working professionals.

  • approach

    We identified 6 major elements of the brand and looked at search patterns for the same. These became our consumer touchpoints. We then implemented our Human Desire Framework to come up with the one desire to focus our communication around.

  • solution

    We realised our audience’s main desire was for something to happen; anticipation. We curated integrated content across social platforms around the same. Through all show launches, we incorporated relevant, topical, trending content, and harped on stories and experiences.

  • result

    263,452,890,000 impressions delivered. 1,250,000 followers gained. 134,238 viewers engaged per day. 83,000 unique conversation threads tracked. 130+ content threads identified, beyond food. All this, all organically.

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LivingFoodz: From a food channel to a lifestyle platform

From instructional content revolving around the preparation of food, to an experiential content format, LivingFoodz, a premium & niche food entertainment channel went through several transformations. The problem was, their consumers still viewed them as a “food channel”. Hence, giving rise to our challenge. Now, if we wanted to shift the perception of the brand, this meant opening our arms to a new audience as well – young, working professionals. To create relevant content, we had to tune into the content our competitors were churning out. We looked for trends and content consumption patterns by category, interest and product offerings. We then implemented the Human Desire Framework to find out which desire was the strongest for our consumers. Once this was done, our strategically integrated content creation began.

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