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Liqvd Asia Case Study - Legrand India
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India's First Instagram Microsite

the challenge

Durga Puja has become a hotbed for brands to associate themselves with by sponsoring pandals. Legrand India wanted to do something more meaningful.

Legrand India wanted to stand out by doing something far more meaningful and significant, by targeting the ones who were away from home, yet felt the pull of nostalgia during this festive season.

consumer insight

Kolkata, in spite of being renowned for its rich culture of art and literature, undeniably lacks quality corporate employment opportunities. Since most people migrate to bigger metro cities in search of better opportunities, Durga Pujo is when they miss home the most – a festival they have grown up celebrating grandiosely.

It was this feeling of nostalgia, and missing their homeland, that Legrand wanted to target.
solution - The Idea

We decided to make Durgo Pujo ‘One to Remember’ for the ones away from Kolkata. The idea was to create a virtual platform that brings to life all the Pujo happenings, under one roof, in real time. The purpose was to make them feel at home – make them feel in Kolkata. Thus was born Come Home to Pujo – India’s first Instagram Microsite. Driven by social media, the campaign unveiled with a promo capturing the aspects of pujo and Kolkata, thus striking a chord of nostalgia. We embedded 6 different Instagram handles into one, replicating a microsite. Each handle spoke about a different aspect of Pujo: - Food - Pandals - Idols - Moments - Colour Red - Pujo Our team on-ground captured micro-moments from the festivities, and uploaded them on the handles, in real-time. We then opened a photography contest, the winners of which had their photographs uploaded on the “microsite”. The campaign was amplified on social media as well, with a simple question – What was their reason to Come Home to Pujo?

We made the ones away from Pujo, the ones away from home, feel anything but homesick!

Durga Puja had become a hotbed for brands to sponsor pandals and make their presence felt. But none of them built enough salience or created an impact. With Come Home to Pujo, Legrand India became the talking point as a brand that made people feel like they were back in Kolkata, back at home.


On Instagram, - Over 2000 pictures and videos tagged on the Instagram Microsite within 5 days. - 800+ followers - #ComeHomeToPujo featured on Instagram Trending - Over 2 million impressions on Instagram Trending On Twitter, - Over 32,000 mentions of #ComeHomeToPujo - More than 6.8 million timeline impressions - #ComeHomeToPujo became trending Brand search volumes for Legrand elevated 10 times during the activity, resulting in higher business enquiries. Making the ones away from Pujo, the ones away from home, feel anything but homesick!

Conversations. Mentions. Reactions.