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Liqvd Asia Case Study - Indiabulls
BFSI   /   Brand Strat   /   Media   /   Performance Marketing   /   Search Engine Marketing   /   2018

The 100% Dad

the challenge

Indiabulls Home Loans wanted to create communication that would vibe with the evolving personality of its core target mind-set-the evolving Indian Man.

consumer insight

The idea of a man in today’s world is constantly evolving. No more is he solely the macho bread-winner; he is a father, a doting husband, and so much more. Much like his interaction with Indiabulls, his personality is also as multifaceted.

solution - The Idea

While the most recent communication celebrated the hard working guy, the hardworking guy himself had transformed to become a more complete man. A series of videos were created by us to showcase and cheer this new guy – the 100% Dad. “100% Dad. 200% our kind of guy” was a campaign with a series of emotional real life stories that resonated with the emerging image of a complete Indian man.

The aggressive and macho image of Indiabulls as a brand, received a softer makeover.

We killed the idea of a SuperDad, and rebuilt the image of the Great Indian a man. Through 100% Dad, we considerably reduced the daily pressure of being a superhuman. Indiabulls reinvented their image, from a hard-hitting BFSI brand, to a softer one that catered to human emotions.


The Indian man finally got due respect, and the brand accomplished a much required softer image. Thereby, making it more believable and relatable with the evolved consumer personality.

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