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Liqvd Asia Case Study - OCBC
  • challenge

    OCBC Premiere Banking in Asia was formulating Expat Banking for a new segment, and required branding and creation of content and digital assets.

  • approach

    The idea here was to make this as user friendly as possible. Which is why we took a mobile-first approach when designing the UX journey.

  • solution

    A simple, classy, yet functional webpage that would allow OCBC to add or remove offerings with ease, without hampering the website structure.

  • result

    We managed to measure interest and awareness in different types of Insurance, and also monitor click through rates.

OCBC  /   BFSI   /   Brand Strat   /   Creative   /   2019

How OCBC Enabled an Intuitive UX

OCBC’s Premiere Banking Asia arm required branding, and creation of content and digital assets. We took a UX friendly approach to create simple, classy, yet functional assets. Since they were formulating Expat Banking for a new segment – the emerging affluent – we created a simple webpage that allowed OCBC to easily add or remove offerings, without altering the website structure. We also incorporated a measurability angle, to measure interest and awareness, and monitor click through rates.

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