Which are the best digital marketing tools in 2021?

best digital marketing tools in 2021At Liqvd Asia, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we have constantly been updating our knowledge and expertise in using various digital marketing tools to promote the brands we are working with. Using the right stack of tools helps us create a proper strategy to compete.

Our previous discussions have already spoken about how digital marketing helps in brand awareness campaigns and what digital marketing hacks you must avoid. Let us now discuss the digital marketing tools that have helped us in the past 8 years to promote the brands we are working with consistently.

Ideally, these tools are like the basic tools but are the best digital marketing tools every brand owner or digital marketer must use in 2021. It helps you to build your brand from scratch.

(Please note – The tools that we are mentioning here are available for free.)

Best Digital Marketing tools in 2021

Analytics by Google

The most important tool if you want to promote your brand online!

We marketers call it Google Analytics, which is free for every brand owner to use. Google Analytics is a gold standard tool for your website analytics.

At the most basic level, you can understand who came to your website, from where the user reached your website, which pages did the user visit while surfing on your website, how much time the user spent while visiting your website, and so on. You can even set up your goals beyond knowing all this information.

If you want to know the truth, a marketer’s day will barely go without opening Google Analytics.

Google Search Console

The second most vital tool to get better insights regarding the traffic coming to your website. It comes for free!

Several tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Uber Suggest that we use to track the keywords and their ranking. But remember, these tools come with some pricing.

Google has developed a Google Search Console tool, which is free, and you can track the traffic coming to your website and the keyword’s average ranking with its impression score.

If you ask us, then Google Search Console has helped us get the latest updates regarding the keywords and their ranking to implement the best strategy to grow the brands we have been working with.

Yoast Plugin

Though useful for only WordPress websites and available in the paid version, Yoast Plugin helps you optimize your web pages. It guides you in the frequency of keywords, the title of the page, the meta description of the page, and so on. It becomes very easy and quick to optimize a web page as a marketer if you are using the Yoast plugin.

This tool is available for free as well as in the paid version.

Google Adwords

The best tool and the only tool available if you wish to promote your brand on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages. The tool is available for free, but you need to pay the pay-per-click cost decided while creating the ad.

Google Adwords hosts the Google Keyword Planner tool to research the keywords, its bid, and its search volume. Using this tool, you can set a budget of how much you want to spend for any keyword and how long you want to run the ad. Ultimately, it helps you to funnel better prospects to your website.

Tube Buddy

While promoting your brand on digital platforms, it is equally crucial for you to prioritize YouTube. YouTube promotions have been creating wonders for brands and will create moving further.

Title, Description, and Tags are the top 3 important aspects while promoting on YouTube. You need to ensure that these 3 aspects of YouTube promotions are optimized if you wish to rank at the top in YouTube searches.

Using Tube Buddy, you get the latest and right information of all tags you must use depending on the video you are promoting. Additionally, you may find the best title and description ideas.

Apart from these tools, you may think about some of the paid tools like MailChimp, Trello (free version is available too), HubSpot marketing, etc., if you are interested in promoting your brand on Digital platforms. These tools and the ones we listed above will help you devise the best digital marketing strategies in 2021.

Summing It Up

Whether new or old, every brand must plan to use these tools to promote their brand with a better strategy in place. These tools act as a backbone for all the techniques you implement while promoting your brand.

If you face any challenges while using these tools or devising the best digital marketing strategy for your brand, you can connect with us. We will help you in all the possible ways to stand out against the competition.

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