What is the importance of Video Marketing?

What is the importance of Video Marketing

There were times when downloading a video of 5 MB used to take hours. We might not have even thought about video as a medium of promotion. But mark our words; if you want to stand out from the crowd in 2021, video marketing is one of the best ways to promote/marketing. It is creating a trend today, and it is likely to remain for the next 5-10 years.

There are many reasons you must incorporate video marketing in your digital marketing strategy of 2021.

Video Marketing in 2021

  • 70% of the people have suggested that they have shared the brand’s videos. (source: https://www.wyzowl.com )
  • 72% of the businesses saw a considerable increase in the conversion rate after they started using videos in their digital marketing strategies. (source: https://www.wyzowl.com )
  • 52% of the audience said that it becomes more comfortable to purchase an online product watching the product description in the video format. (source: https://www.invodo.com )
  • 65% of the audience visit marketer’s website and 39% of the audience connects with the vendor post watching the video. (source: https://images.forbes.com)

When we talk to any brand about promoting their product/services using videos, they first think about YouTube. But NO NO NO!

Video marketing does not mean YouTube marketing. There are plenty of other ways to drive traffic/engagement using videos. You can go Live on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And so on.

Do you remember an application that drove almost every business on it for promotion? Every marketer considered it as the best marketing platform of 2020 at the start of the year!


How easy was it to spread awareness about your work on Tik Tok, right? A lot of influencers did make money promoting products on Tik Tok. Unfortunately, it was banned in India because of some privacy issues. But it did create a trend of video promotions.

Thank God! We now have Instagram Reels post Tik Tok to promote our services/products in video format. The Instagram reel is the current trend considering video marketing. And we don’t know how many more applications we might see in the future.

One of the major issues that marketers have faced in the past few years is to shift from big screens to small screens, i.e., from laptops & desktops to mobile devices. Long-form sales pages, emailers, and so on are fading away. The reason is that it is too difficult to read it on small mobile screens.

However, videos provide the same information in a format compatible with all the devices. If you provide any information on your site, and if you include a video with it, the chances of driving organic traffic increase 50X times (source: https://seotribunal.com ).

Video Content to Improve Traffic

There are a couple of reasons why traffic increases so much.

  • Users have started suggesting and feeling video content as more compelling.
  • Google has started suggesting pages that include more relevant video content.

The best reason why video content is more likely to give you less burden and more traffic is that it is easy to reform your videos. Suppose you have created a video, then instead of just doing YouTube Marketing, you can,

  • Transcribe it and publish it on your website along with the transcription.
  • Promote the same video on your social media channels.
  • Turn your video into a blog and post it on your website along with the embedded YouTube video.
  • You can use the thumbnails of YouTube videos in all your email marketing campaigns.

Live videos, 1:1 video conversations, 360-degree videos, and many other ways have shown their importance over the years and will be trending in the future. We can say that videos are the most popular way customers want to learn about your product/business. (source: https://blog.hubspot.com)

Normally, we suggest a lot of video campaigns/video promotions to our customers at Liqvd Asia. We have done good work and have got excellent results in previous years. We feel video marketing has still not reached its peak, and there is a lot of scope for you to grow your business using different video promotion techniques. It’s the right time to switch!

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