What is marketing automation? How is it helping digital marketers?

What is marketing automation? How is it helping digital marketers?It is rightly said that ‘Marketing Automation is Not for Lazy Marketers!’

Before we start talking about how marketing automation is helping digital marketers, let us first understand what marketing automation is.

What is marketing automation?

There are tens of thousands of definitions of marketing automation suggested by several people on search engines. We will let you know the most simple definition of marketing automation here.

In simple words, ‘Marketing automation is a process of automating all your repetitive marketing activities to save your time.’

The purpose of automating your marketing activities is not just to increase the efficiency of your work but also to give a personalized experience to your prospects and customers. Here, we have discussed the top 3 marketing activities that digital marketers can automate.

We highly believe that automating your digital marketing activities is not just optional in today’s world, but it has become necessary. Digital marketers who still believe in performing manual activities and not update with the latest technology will lose the scope of converting and find themselves out of this market.

Digital marketers agree that they need to work on the following listed activities to optimize their digital marketing campaign and get the maximum results.

  • Attract the users by creating the right content for them.
  • Convert the attracted users into leads.
  • Closing the deal with the leads. (Which is a sales team task)
  • Process of satisfying the customers.

In case if you ignore automating these tasks, it will lead you to unsatisfied results. Leaving the closing the deal part, which is the concern for the sales team, automating the attracting, converting, and satisfying task is something we need to think about as digital marketers.

If you wish to do so, then follow the top 3 automating activities which may attract, convert, and satisfy your customers.

Top 3 marketing activities that Digital Marketers can Automate

  • Email Marketing Automation
    We all know that we receive several marketing emails every day. But, remember, we are not talking specifically about that.

    With email marketing automation, we meant to say that you can create a process of sending emails to your prospects and existing customers automatically. You can do it either by scheduling it using a tool or by defining a trigger.

    Remember, just defining a trigger or using a tool won’t make sense. You need to categorize your emails as per the user’s behavior. You can drop an email to them when they perform the following activities,

    1. When they subscribe to your newsletter.
    2. You can design a welcome email.
    3. You can send them an email when they abandon a cart.
    4. You can send them an email when they refer a friend in your career section.


    Moreover, if you want to get the best results, as we said, you need first to categorize your user and send them a personalized email with content specific to their activity.

    As a digital marketer, you can refer to any email marketing campaign of a digital marketing agency. It is readily available on the internet. It will give you a better idea, we feel.

  • Social Media Automation
    It might sound a little awkward to the general public to automate social media, but it sounds relieving for someone in the digital marketing industry.

    Social media automation uses automation tools to automate activities like scheduling the posts, posting them, and getting necessary insights about the published posts.

    Don’t get confused between creating copies for social media and its posting. Social media automation tools are meant for giving content ideas, reporting, scheduling, and posting. For content, you need to focus on content marketing automation tools.

  • SEO Automation
    You and we know that automating the whole SEO process is complicated. Like we can’t automate content creation, backlink creation, page speed, etc. But automation tools can help us in other activities like,

    1. Analyzing SEO of a website– If you are doing a 1-pager web page’s SEO, it might be easy for you to do it manually. But in case if the website has 1000 pages, doing the same task without a tool in place is practically impossible. In such cases, using automation tools will lessen your manual burden of analyzing the SEO of a website.
    2. Tracking the rank of the keywords – The whole SEO process is meant to rank for keywords on search engines. It is practically not possible to understand the rank of a website for a particular keyword manually. If you wish to do so, you can use automation tools to track the ranking of a website for a specific keyword.
    3. Analysis of the backlink– Backlinks that digital marketers or SEO’s create for a particular website can be tracked practically by using tools. Without tools in place, it becomes challenging to do the backlink analysis month on month.

    We get 100% better results, better tracking, and in-depth knowledge regarding the steps that work out and steps that don’t use automation tools for SEO analysis.

    As a digital marketer, you might think of automating several other marketing activities like content marketing automation, ads automation (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads), marketing workflow automation, etc.


    At the moment, we are sure that you need to automate today, or you will die.

    At Liqvd Asia, we have been automating several activities while marketing for our clients. If you are stuck at any point while automating your actions, you can connect with us. As a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we have several case studies from the past where we have automated our tasks, and it had become beneficial for our clients.

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