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Valentine’s week for brand recognition - Liqvd AsiaValentine’s day is considered a special occasion to express your love & affection for your loved ones. Along with one of the largest shopping days of the year, valentine’s day also becomes one of the most important days for brands to communicate their brand message across millions of people.

Businesses are always searching for opportunities to grow, and valentine’s week is for those who believe in attaching emotionally with their audience through unique campaigns. In today’s competitive world, businesses aim at seizing the opportunity and find ways to promote their brand to capture maximum attention. At Liqvd Asia, we consider valentine’s week as one of the far better opportunities to seize major business for our B2C clients.

Companies working in the B2C domain know how to touch their customers’ hearts and connect with them emotionally, especially during valentine’s week. Moreover, at Liqvd Asia, we have noted that promoting businesses during special occasions have yielded more business for our clients.

If you are interested in achieving your business targets and seize the opportunity of connecting with your target customers, then you can follow some of the guidelines we are mentioning here.

  • Start a valentine’s week hashtag that will remain constant throughout the week.
  • Run contests that can easily communicate your brand message.
  • You can share unique ideas with your customers to make their days special with their loved ones. (Gifting ideas, for example)

Let us run through some of the campaigns that brands ran in previous years during valentine’s week (especially on valentine’s day). It will give us an idea of how brands have bagged attention using an emotional touch.

We were able to find the top 3 valentine’s day campaigns that we find emotionally connecting, sending proper brand messages, and earning their user’s attention.

Top 3 valentine’s week campaigns

1. Ford’s Speed Dating Prank

One of our favorite campaigns is Ford’s Speed Dating Prank, implemented in 2015 during valentine’s. In 2015, one of the renowned companies, Ford, posted a video that went viral during the valentine’s and has crossed 15 million views.

The idea was to showcase the comfort & speed provided by Ford’s vehicles. To do so, they hired a gorgeous stunt driver, and she went on blind dates with unexpected individuals. You can watch the video attached below to understand the campaign that went viral on valentine’s day.

Learning from the campaign

  • We need to be careful that the message is communicated correctly.

2. Helzberg’s #WeProposeYouPropose

The user has a stressful period while selecting an engagement ring. Valentine’s week is a period when ring manufacturers have a lot of business opportunities. Yes, we agree that they have a business throughout the year, but valentine’s week is a unique period when they can earn a lot of money with the BANG-ON campaign.

Helzberg Diamonds were working on a campaign called ‘Saying Yes to an Unforgettable Proposal.’ Though they ran this campaign during National Proposal Day of the US, we can utilize the thought behind it for any of our campaigns.

Helzberg asked DEG digital to craft a campaign to relieve the stress and enhance the ring-shopping process’s joy. And here is how the campaign idea was implemented.

Learning from the campaign

  • We need to be #fearless at the start of the campaign whether it will be successful or not.

3. Dove Chocolate’s Chinese Valentine’s Day Campaign

Gifting Sales Increased by 226%

3.3 million unique impressions on major social media networks

48 thousand retweets

You might be wondering why we are mentioning the numbers before even talking about the campaign.

We believe that the result is what matters from a brand perspective. And the same happened for Dove Chocolate when they ran their campaign, adding an emotional touch (real-life story), and achieved the required results.

Learning from the campaign

  • We need to connect our audience with an emotional touch. 

These three campaigns gave us meaningful insights into what three crucial things we need to focus on while running the valentine’s week campaigns for our clients.

  • Be careful about the brand message.
  • Be #fearless at the start. (Though you need to learn from your past classic examples)
  • Connect with your audience emotionally.

As a  digital marketing agency, Liqvd Asia has always kept brand communication at the forefront, followed by our #fearless communication approach. Last but not least, emotional connect to get far better results for our clients. You can get in touch with us to know more about us and our past work.

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