Top Content Writing & Marketing Tools to Produce High-Quality Content

Top Content Writing & Marketing Tools to Produce High-Quality Content

We all live in an era where people love to read unique content, describe a story, entertain us, and provide useful experience. And on the other hand, brands, bloggers, and marketers are continually implementing several creative content pieces that engage with the target audiences.

If you want your product/services to reach your target audience, you must create engaging content and create a buzz inside the people’s mind to share it. For this, you need several content writing tools that simplify your job and curate a well-researched content piece. Remember, it must be grammatically correct, easy-to-understand, and create a story for the people to read.

Now, are you wondering where to start researching for such tools?

Don’t worry. We have done your bit of researching free content writing/marketing tools. Find a list of tools below, that will help you create the best content.

List of Content Writing/Marketing Tools

    1. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

      We know that every writer has their unique way of finding out a topic on which they can write. But, at times, it is quite challenging to find a fresh blog topic idea.

      HubSpot’s fantastic tool helps you generate fresh content ideas that revolve around your niche. You have to enter three nouns specific to your niche, and voila. In return, it will give you the five best blog topics on which you can start creating your content. You know, we found the idea of creating this blog on HubSpot.

      We would say that it is the best tool to improve your productivity as a writer.

    2. Grammarly

      We are humans, and we tend to make mistakes.

      Grammarly is one such content writing tool that helps us to create mistake-free content. It checks your article’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, suggests the changes concerning hard-to-read sentences, optional changes like word change to make your article look a little better, and much more.

      It provides insights like your word count, readability score, character count, reading time, and speaking time. It’s premium version also includes the plagiarism check, an essential assessment for all the businesses aiming to optimize their websites.

    3. YoastSEO

      If you are a WordPress lover, then YoastSEO is one such content writing tool that you must never miss.

      It helps you to come up with powerful titles & meta descriptions for your web page. That’s not all; it also enables you to assess your content readability from a user’s perspective.

      You can find your readability score and check if your content contains enough connectors. You can also check your internal links, external links, image alt attributes, and much more while using YoastSEO.

    4. Copyscape

      Copyscape is a wonderful tool that helps you in checking the plagiarism of your content. Plagiarism is the most significant offense in the content creation world. You must make sure that you stay far, far, far away from creating plagiarised content. Creating a plagiarised content can lead you to Google’s penalties too.

      Copyscape goes through content and searches for similar-looking content snippets that exist on the internet. If you want to reap the benefits of SEO and avoid penalties, you must follow the guidelines suggested by Copyscape and generate SEO-friendly content.

    5. HubSpot

      When we think about content marketing tools, Hubspot is the first name that comes to our mind. It is an all-round marketing tool that helps content writers to track their growth, generate desirable content, and drive leads.

      This tool enables writers to create content, optimize it, and ensure that it reaches the target audience. You can tweak your marketing strategies once your content is live, and Hubspot generates a report in terms of sales and the overall performance of the content you have developed.

    6. Google Analytics

      Every single Digital Marketing Agency, including us, believe in the power of Google Analytics. And since we are talking about content marketing tools, we cannot neglect Google Analytics.

      Google Analytics gives an in-depth performance of your content placed on the internet. Details like the number of users, session time, drop rate, etc., is something you will learn using Google Analytics.

      It ultimately helps you improve the user experience of your website, which is a factor to be considered while optimizing your website.

    Are you wondering why someone must use these tools?

    Why must you use content writing/marketing tools?

    There are several reasons, of which we have listed the top 3 reasons below.

    • Create high-quality content.
    • Improve brand visibility.
    • Improve sales and generate leads.

    Though there are several other available tools to sharpen your content pens, we at Liqvd Asia feel that the tools we have mentioned above are sufficient for you to start your content creation journey. You can get in touch with our content creators if you feel unsure about how to start!

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