Top 7 voice search strategies for a digital marketing agency

Top 7 voice search strategies for a digital marketing agencyVoice search, a technology that was started as a concept, is now creating a revolution in the search industry. This has happened with the increase in mobile users, to be precise. The idea initially was built for smartphones which eventually escalated to smart speakers and voice assistants used worldwide.

Today, we know that google voice search is changing the game in the SEO industry. Thus, as a digital marketing agency or as a digital marketer, you need to understand the urgency of voice search strategies, if not implemented yet.

The number of digital voice assistants in use will reach 8 billion worldwide by 2023, which is 4.08 billion now (2020). This indicates that we will see a quantum rise in the voice search, and it pushes all the marketers and agencies to create voice-search-friendly content. Considering the fierce competition today, it is going to get more critical as we move ahead.

The question that may come to your mind,

“Why is voice search getting bigger?”

Let us first answer that question before we start listing down the strategies for voice search.

Why is Voice Search getting Bigger?

We would like to answer this question by taking an ideal situation happening every day in your household. Let’s say you are cooking, and you need some help with the recipe. And suppose your hands are not clean.

In such a situation, having a voice search assistant would be beneficial, right? It would be too difficult for you to touch your mobile screen and write the whole query. The best thing you will do in such circumstances is,

“Ok, Google. Can you let me know the recipe for making White Pasts?”

We hope that we answered your query regarding why this technology is getting bigger (if you had).

Now let us discuss the voice search strategies every marketer must implement if they wish to rank higher. In our previous blog, we already discussed the voice search impacts on the search industry. However, we will now list down the strategies to help your digital marketing agency rank top in the voice search.

Voice search strategies for a digital marketing agency

We are living in an era where competition concerning voice search will get more challenging. Whether you are a marketer or an agency, you need to optimize your content for voice search. These practices we have mentioned here will improve your ranking in voice search & will improve your overall organic traffic.

  1. Optimize your content for rich answers in google results

    A voice search study suggests that 70% of the voice search answers were of the rich search results. It means that if your content is listed in the rich search results (knowledge graph, knowledge panel, featured snippet, knowledge box), then your website appearing at the top in the voice search is more.

  2. Restructure your existing content

    There is a possibility that you were not creating content optimized for the voice search. But, it is high time now that we restructure our existing content to be optimized for the voice search.

    Understand that if we want to rank higher in the voice search, then our tone of content must be human speech friendly, i.e., in everyday language as we speak with our family and friends.

  3. Make your content conversational

    The more we use robotic language, the less is our chances to rank in the voice search. On the other hand, the more we create our content in natural language, the better is our chances to rank higher in the voice search.

  4. Target long-tail keywords

    As a marketer or SEO’s, you already know that Google ranks pages based on long-form content. If you wish to ensure that your content is optimized for the voice search technology, use long-tail keywords which are pretty easy to be picked up by Google to rank your page higher in the case of voice search.

  5. You must improve the loading time of your website

    It is a basic requirement for all the search engines and their search results that your website must be optimized concerning its speed if you want to rank higher. Despite it being an essential factor to rank higher, marketers forget the strategy when it comes to voice search.

  6. You need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

    Since the start of voice search, always the emphasis was on smartphones. Mobile devices easily beat other devices when it comes to voice search. You need to ensure,

    • Your website is mobile responsive
    • Run a mobile-friendly test and optimize your content accordingly
    • Check the crawlability of your website to ensure the visibility of your content
  7. You need to optimize your Google My Business listing

    You need to optimize your Google My Business listing by entering all the necessary information like address, pin code, contact number, etc. Additionally, you can post your services, blogs (in case any), special deals, news updates, etc. In general, it means you need to focus on optimizing GMB for local listing.

With every year passing by, voice search is increasing, and soon it will reach everywhere in the world. As a marketer or a digital marketing agency, you need to understand that customer behavior changes every time. You need to stay updated with the latest trends to meet the customer’s expectations.

The strategies we have listed above will help you to rank higher in the voice search. It will also create a sound voice search optimization strategy for your agency or the client you serve.

Do let us know which strategy works best for you? Did our SEO experts miss any strategy at Liqvd Asia, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai?

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