Top 5 influencer marketing strategies used by brands

Top 5 influencer marketing strategies used by brandsWe have been hearing about brands investing their time and money in influencer marketing for a while now and how micro-influencers play a role in growing sales for brands using digital marketing as a medium. It is valid from our experience that influencer marketing has grown tremendously in the past few years, alongside traditional digital marketing.

Without going much into how influencers/micro-influencers are ruling the space of digital marketing, which we did in our previous conversations, let us directly talk about the strategies brands use while using influencer marketing to spread awareness. We feel that every brand must have a specific plan built before using the medium of spreading brand awareness.

While progressing for any influencer marketing campaign for our brands, we focus on these top 5 strategic frameworks. Here’s where we start.

Top 5 influencer marketing strategies used at Liqvd Asia

  • Determine the target audience

    It is imperative to understand your target audience before you approach any influencer. A brand knows its target audience better, and it’s true. As a brand owner, you need to know the locations where your product/services will be used, the age group of people using your products/services, and so on.

    If you know all these at the start of creating an influencer marketing campaign, it will help you best short-list the influencers, which is our upcoming strategy.

  • Determine the type of influencers

    80% of marketers recognized influencer marketing as an effective medium of increasing brand awareness. In this golden age of influencer marketing, choosing the best set of influencers is very important.

    Onboarding listed celebrities having the same target audience as yours, finding famous content creators reaching your target audience, and onboarding multiple micro-influencers could be one of the best ways of determining the influencers. There could be many other ways, but we found this is the most appropriate method of deciding influencers.

  • Discovering where are the opportunities for the brand

    It means the platform where the brand can have the best reach using influencer marketing. It can be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, depending on the brand’s target audience.

    Sometimes, being a brand from an FMCG background, YouTube influencers providing reviews for your brand may have a better chance of getting sales. So as said, it depends on the brand and its target audience.

  • Distribute & Amplify your content

    Just by finding influencers for your brand does not work out. Additionally, you need to frame a strategy of how your content will be distributed amongst your target audience using influencer marketing.

    You need to devise a plan of what content to be distributed on which platforms. This will, in turn, have a significant impact on your brand awareness.

  • Analyze the campaign/measure the growth

    Just running the influencer marketing campaign won’t work for your brand. Once the campaign is done, you need to analyze the growth you have achieved, the return on investment you have made, and which influencers worked for your brand.

    This analytics will help you devise strategies for the upcoming marketing campaigns using influencers.

We know that just by listing the strategies, you will not know how to implement them. Let us share a recent example of how we created a better campaign using these strategies.

We recently worked on an influencer marketing campaign for ‘Bank of Baroda Credit Card.’ The campaign was for the ‘World Happiness Day.’ We realized that the client had its target audience in India’s top 10 metro cities, and the age group was 25-34.

The highlight of the campaign was that we listed macro & micro-influencers coming from various backgrounds. We asked them to create a post regarding the activities that make them happy during their routine (day). (#HappinessIsTrendingNow was the campaign)

Result – We created a significant impact on overall brand awareness.


Suppose you wish to create a similar campaign for your brand in the upcoming months. In that case, you can connect with our influencer marketing team at Liqvd Asia, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

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