Top 5 email growth hacks a brand can implement in minutes

Top 5 email growth hacks a brand can implement in minutesAs a brand owner, now and then, you hear that email marketing is dead. But according to email marketing research done by Capterra, for every $1 invested in email marketing, you get nearly $44 in return. Though we don’t encourage you to invest in false email marketing hacks, we do believe in several email marketing growth hacks that are authentic.

Returns on email marketing vary from brand to brand, but getting a 44x return is a compelling point. Email marketing remains such a great way of connecting with your prospects because it is,

  • The easiest way of personalizing your brand message!
  • You can trace it in terms of people who opened your email & clicked on the link inside your email.

If as a brand, if you are looking out for rapid growth, email marketing has the potential to deliver repeat customers. We will let you know the top 5 email marketing growth hacks you can deploy in minutes to get the necessary business growth.

Top 5 email marketing hacks for business growth

  1. Regularly track your email responses.

    Many customers want to purchase your products or services. But a lack of attention to their responses leads to a loss of a prospect.

    As a brand owner, you need to keep an eye on your email campaigns and responses. Tracking your email campaigns will help you understand your target audience more effectively.

  2. Use different email addresses for various email campaigns.

    This is the most straightforward task where you need to create different email addresses for various campaigns. It helps your prospect feel the genuineness of the product or service you provide.

  3. Power of signature at the end of your email

    Email signatures have a significant impact on your email campaigns. Several email users do not invest their time knowing the email content, but they check the designation or any other information mentioned in the signature. Having an optimized email signature will improve your chances of getting a prospect.

  4. Effective subject lines for your emails

    We know that it is easy to drop an email, but it is not easy to compel your user to open it. A click-worthy subject line is something that email marketers invest their time in to ensure better email marketing results.

  5. Offer social proof

    While running email marketing campaigns, ensure that you include the count of users who subscribed to your email. It gives an additional push to your campaign and provides social proof to your audience to subscribe.

    In case if you are new, you can create a subscribe button on your website. This will ensure that users interested in your product, services, or at least the content published on your website adhere to it.

These are a few email marketing growth hacks a brand can employ in minutes. It does have all the potential to show you better results for your business.

When it comes to growth hacking, it is just a matter of efficiency. Email marketing remains a great digital marketing channel to grow your prospects, securing a reliable audience, no matter what business you are running. You need to ensure that you use every single tool in your marketing toolbox to keep getting subscribers for your channel.

If you are still unsure how to get better results using email marketing campaigns, you can route to us. Liqvd Asia is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai engineered to create great email marketing campaigns for our clients.

Happy Digital Marketing!

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