Top 5 digital marketing hacks which work no more

Top 5 digital marketing hacks which work no moreThe coupling of Digital marketing and technology has created a revolution in the past decade. It has helped brands to reach new heights in a brief period of time. Over the years, many trends started and finished. Still, there are a few trends like voice technology for SEO, social media promotions, etc., which are still trending and are here to stay for years.

However, there are a few digital trends that brands must eliminate from their strategy if you wish your business to reach its goals. But, how will you realize which trends to use and which you must not? Situations like getting traffic on your website, getting the right followers on your social media channels, etc., is getting more and more challenging.

You need not worry. We have found the top 5 digital marketing trends that we call hacks, which you must ignore while creating your digital marketing strategy to get the ideal situation while developing your brand.

Top 5 digital marketing hacks which do not work anymore

  • Following random people on social media channels

    This hack has been so common while building a brand from scratch. We have seen brands following users who are not their target audience, nor are they anywhere linked to the brand. Just following users will boost your follower count, but it will not profit you as a brand in the future. The ultimate result will be that you won’t reach people in the longer run.

  • Black Hat SEO Practice

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart of digital marketing. Without implementing SEO for your website, it will not be easy for your brand to reach your target audience on the internet.

    Over the years, we have seen several brands accepting Black Hat SEO practice to create spammy links, stuff keywords, and much more to top in the Google SERPs. But remember, those days are gone when you were able to rank because of this technique, but it is no more.

  • Buying Likes, Followers, Views, and Comment on Social Media Channels

    Several brands have connected with us at Liqvd Asia, who once thought of buying followers, likes, and Comments for their social media channels. However, we have always redirected them to build a brand with the right target audience, yielding them the required business using social media marketing.

    If you are a brand buying followers, it’s time to stop the activity. It will just increase your follower’s count but never give you a business out of it.

  • Buying emails and sending out spam emails

    It was a trend earlier to send emails to a more vast audience set to get good leads. But with the emergence of spam emails, these emails are good for nothing.

    If you wish to get the right set of audiences, work on data gathering and user segmentation. Most of the renowned companies have been giving importance to the same tactic to reach the right set of audiences.

  • Bulk Emails for Guest Posting

    Earlier brands used to send bulk emails to get a backlink to their respective sites. However, sending bulk emails will not make any sense with the emergence of spam boxes.

    Finding out authoritative websites to get do-follow or no-follow links will always benefit your brand to increase your internet exposure.


Trends change over time and have changed. Therefore, brands need to focus on the right digital marketing strategies to grow their brand online. On top of that, you need to be working smart, and not hard, every time.

If you want to know more about your brand’s perfect digital marketing strategies, you can connect with us at Liqvd Asia, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai. We have the required experience and experts to drive business for your brand using our digital marketing strategies.

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