Top 5 affiliate marketing strategies to drive sales

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies to drive salesTraditionally, when brands used to employ offline marketing activities, they had to create multiple strategies to drive sales for their products or services. Similarly, when it comes to online marketing, brands have to employ several strategies to drive sales for their brand. Among these strategies, Affiliate marketing holds equal importance as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and others do!

Affiliate marketing has the potential to drive sales for your product or service. Additionally, it is a highly effective technique to generate leads where you pay solely for the output. Hence, more and more brands are leveraging the benefits of Affiliate marketing in the past few years. Google trends data suggests a growth in the average search of the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ in the past few years.

affiliate marketing Google Trend 2020

The average searches in the year 2018 – 57

Affiliate marketing - Google Trend 2020

The average searches in the year 2020 – 67

These searches usually comprise both brands and affiliates.

Before we discuss the strategies, let us first define Affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is also called performance-based marketing.

When brands affiliate with affiliates to promote their products and services, driving sales and growing their businesses is called Affiliate marketing. When these promotions drive sales for the brand, the brand is eligible to pay some commission to affiliates.

However, if you want to grow your brand using Affiliate marketing, it takes just a little more than this. Here are the top 5 strategies a brand must employ to get their Affiliate marketing productive.

Top 5 Affiliate marketing strategies to grow your business

  1. Choose the best affiliates for your brand.

    Affiliate marketing influences people to buy your products or services. Suppose you want to influence your target customers’ decision of buying your products or services. In that case, you need to ensure that you onboard an affiliate who has decent engaging relations with their audience.

    For instance, if you are running a food brand and associate with a site with coupons for travel, it will not be effective.

    So, you must choose your affiliates that have the potential to drive sales for your brand.

  2. Attract your customers with offers

    If you are running an FMCG brand, attracting your customers with an offer or a deal will drive sales. You can affiliate with any of the coupons sites to boost your sales.

    Ensure that you keep the following points in your mind while affiliating with any coupons site.

    • Work with only a few sites, but ensure that sites have a good audience.
    • Sites must have TG similar to your brand.
    • You must check the authenticity of the site.

    You can start initially if all these points are fulfilled. If it works for you, well and good! If not, then red flag the site!

  3. Leverage the power of influencer marketing

    We have already discussed the power of micro-influencers in today’s market. Brands have started realizing the importance of influencer marketing and how it will help them to drive sales.

    Many brands choose the strategy to affiliate with multiple bloggers and influencers, whereas several brands work with a single influencer with a good number of engaged followers.

  4. Leverage affiliate promotions from multiple sources

    Instead of affiliating with social media influencers & coupon sites, it is better to affiliate with influencers using different sources of promotion. They could be,

    • Bloggers who create blogs and promote your products or services.
    • Email marketers who have a good number of email subscribers.
    • YouTubers who have a decent number of subscribers engaged with them.

    Using different sources of promotion will allow you to drive better results using Affiliate marketing strategies to drive sales.

  5. Optimize your product pages to drive sales

    Just driving traffic to your product page will not work. You need to ensure that your product pages must be optimized too to drive sales. Driving traffic to your website from an affiliate’s platform coupled with an optimized product page will give the best results.

Are you ready to generate sales?

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing drives traffic to your website to generate sales. But adopting the best Affiliate marketing strategies is equally important.

If you find it challenging to employ the best strategies for your brand, as it varies from brand to brand, you can connect with us. We are a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, having years of experience deploying your brand’s best affiliate marketing strategies.

Happy Digital Marketing!

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