Top 4 social media platforms for influencer marketing

Top 4 social media platforms for influencer marketingIn our previous conversations, we had discussed how micro-influencers are ruling the space of digital marketing. Later, we helped you understand the strategies used at Liqvd Asia while performing influencer marketing campaigns. Now that you know the importance of influencer marketing and strategies you must use while running the influencer marketing campaign let us shortlist the top 4 social media platforms for influencer marketing.

Previously, we mentioned in our strategy discussion that a brand must select the social media platform based on the target audience and the target niche. If you wish to get a little more understanding regarding the same, read it till the end.

As well know that most of the brands are using the latest trend of influencer marketing to reach their target audience. But as a brand owner, before using influencer marketing, you must know different influencers for different platforms. If you wish to get the best out of influencer marketing, you must select a social media platform that best targets your audience.

Here is an explanation about the top 4 social media platforms used by influencers and what these platforms offer the business.

Top 4 social media platforms for influencer marketing

  • Facebook

    Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform ever created. Facebook influencers have the potential to reach higher target audiences, as compared to Facebook’s paid promotion.

    The primary reason behind this is that Facebook encourages influencer’s/public figure’s posts on user’s timelines to like & share. A survey conducted in 2016 suggested that 32% of the influencers favored Facebook for their campaigns.

  • Twitter

    In comparison with Facebook, Twitter receives a little lesser recognition when it comes to influencer marketing. But a repost by Twitter suggests that 49% of the Twitter users relied on Influencer suggestions for brand recommendations. Similarly, 40% of Twitter users followed the brand page.
    Being one of the concise formats of promotion, brands have to pay a little lesser to Twitter influencers than other social media influencers.

  • YouTube

    YouTube is now not just meant for tutorials and car videos. Gone are the days when YouTube was considered a platform to learn. Alongside learning, YouTube is now one of the most important social media platforms for influencer marketing.

    The video format used on YouTube ensures a better brand message being passed by the influencers. Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is a platform capable of spreading brand awareness & drive sales together.

    Additionally, all the videos uploaded on YouTube remain relevant for years, whereas those uploaded on other platforms lose their relevancy after a time. Hence, YouTube has the potential to show you a better and long-term impact.

  • Instagram

    The report that suggested 32% of influencers favoring Facebook showed that 24% of the influencers favored Instagram. This image-based social media platform has grown to become one of the powerhouses of digital marketing campaigns.

    The most significant advantage of using Instagram for influencer marketing is that the target audience reviews the product positively and reacts positively to the brand content. The influencer marketing industry on Instagram is worth more than $1 billion.

Though any platform used by influencers can drive traffic, these are the top 4 social media platforms used in recent years. As a brand owner, you need to ensure that you select your influencer & social media platform that gives your better chances of reaching your niche audience. This will ensure that your brand gets a better awareness, and influencer marketing will drive more sales.

Do you wish to try influencer marketing for your brand? And don’t have any plan of how to go for it? Then, connect with us at Liqvd Asia, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai. We have been working with several influencer marketing campaigns for our clients. Let us give you an idea of how we approach influencer marketing for our clients.

Recently we were working with one of our fitness clients. The task was to create a brand recall and increase sales for the newly launched fitness product. As per the requirement, we connected with top YouTube influencers from the fitness category.


We received 3.5 million views overall, with 40,000 people diverted to Brand’s Amazon Product Page. The influencer marketing campaign generated 1500+ units of sales.

If you wish to see similar results for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us.

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