“Swarm” – the Foursquare’ 2.0 App or The start of New Era in “Social Check-In /Location based Networking” !!


Though this looks exciting and something very challenging but this surely is the next logical step for Foursquare, and I think it’ll be great.

Mayorships, the feature that added some challenging fun to Foursquare, is leaving. Don’t worry, it’ll be heading to their new Swarm service!

On Friday, Foursquare froze each and every current mayor in place for an unspecified amount of time. But when the feature does move over to Swarm, it will not be the same.‎

The mayorship feature on Swarm will only be amongst friends. This means that if your group of friends frequently goes to the local bar, not everyone else there is jockeying to be mayor. Instead, only you and your friends are in competition with one another. The windows remains at 60 days, though.‎.

Swarm App




Source: The Foursquare Blog

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