Remarketing Ads – Stay at the top of your customers’ minds

Remarketing Ads - Stay at the top of your customers’ minds

As per Ubersuggest, nearly 500 users are searching with the phrase ‘what is remarketing’ on Google every month. And we see a lot of searches are increasing day by day. But why? And what is the importance of remarketing and remarketing ads for any small/medium/large-sized businesses? 

We will take each of these questions one by one and understand the power of remarketing today in this competitive world. Go through each section to understand how remarketing will help your business to grow. 

What is remarketing?

The buzzword is ‘remarketing.’ We see nearly 10,000 searches every month on Google for this buzzword. 

Remarketing is a process of reengaging the visitors who have already visited your website and possibly didn’t convert. In technical terms, we call it abandoned visitors. 

It provides a means to connect with the possible customers who showed interest in your products or services. When we say customers, it not only means someone purchasing a product, it also includes someone who didn’t feel the contact form, didn’t subscribe to your channel, or anything in the similar lines. 

Remarketing targets those pages where you had visitors, but possibly the visitors didn’t convert into a client. Therefore, the ads we show using remarketing ads will be personalized and based on the visitors’ previous visit to your pages. 

Suppose you run an e-commerce website and a customer visits your website. He/she liked the product but didn’t manage to accept the rate at which you are selling. In such cases, you can use the medium of remarketing ads to increase the possibility of conversion, thus increasing the sales. 


Why do we see an increase in the usage of remarketing in the past few years?

This is a very tricky question to answer. There will be several reasons why remarketing is receiving a lot of attention in the past few years. 

As per our research, we think there are many start-ups up and running lately. Each of these start-ups, due to competition, want none of their customers to go away from them. And to do so, they try to implement several tactics to solve their concerns. One such solution is to incorporate remarketing ads in their marketing campaigns.

Before answering your next question, let us first understand the types of remarketing ads. This section will give you an in-depth understanding of the remarketing ads.


Types of Remarketing ads

  • Displaying ads to people who visited your website

This is the most common type of remarketing ad. It clearly says that the users who visit your website and drop, then those users will see these ads. 

These ads are shown on a couple of platforms. If you run these ads using Google Ads, it will be shown on all the Google affiliated websites/platforms. If you run it using Facebook, then it will show on Facebook and its display platforms. 

  • Email Remarketing

These are the remarketing ads that target users who had already opened your emails. Since the users who open your emails demonstrate their interest in your product/services, there are better chances of converting such users into customers. 

  • Display ads on search engines

Along with showing your ads on different websites on the web, you can also create display ads on search engines. These target users who had opened your website and search for similar products/services on search engines. 

  • Search retargeting ad

There are users on the Internet searching products/services on your competitor’s website. Using search retargeting ads, you can try and convince these users to use your services and how it will be beneficial for them. 

  • Video remarketing

Some users showed interest in your product/services but didn’t show up or purchase, then using other Google display networks like YouTube, you can retarget these users and try and attract them to purchase your product/services. Your videos can also be used in this kind of ad. 

These remarketing ad types suggest that you are bound to stay at the top of your customers’ minds if you run these ads. But remember, these ads do have a disadvantage too. You cannot keep on showing your remarketing ads to the relevant users. They might get pissed off and abandon. You need to create your campaigns so that the ads are not shown to the users on every web page they open.

If you have read the information till this point, you might have interpreted the importance of remarketing ads, right? Just to make it easy for you to learn, we have listed some of the top advantages of using remarketing ads for your small/medium/large-sized businesses.


Advantages of running remarketing ads

  • Retain your customers

Whether your customers are visiting your website regularly or not, remarketing ads keep them in sync with your products/services. It is the best way to stay connected with your audience. 


  • Brand Awareness

Displaying ads to your to-be customers or existing customers (For example, customers who converted in a non-monetary way or those who made an actual purchase.) to ensure they have your brand in their mind while purchasing a product/services provided by you. It is a fantastic way to improve brand awareness. 


  • More conversions

Businesses today are not just satisfied with the customers who are converted on one-go or with reference. They even want to target customers who recently visited their website or are looking for products/services similar to what you provide. Remarketing ads help you to tap such customers, thus increasing the conversion rate. 


  • Targeted Ad Text/Images

When you are running remarketing ads, you focus on building a remarketing audience interested in the products/services you provide. The chances of converting this audience are more, as you can target this audience with exact text and images of the services/products they are searching for on the web. 

As a marketing agency, though we find these four as the top advantages of running remarketing ads, you might experience several other benefits while running these ads. 



If you are running a small/medium/large-sized business, and want every user on the web searching for product/services related to your business, then remarketing ad is the best way to tap and convert. If you are still unable to understand, you can route to us, and we shall help you with all the possible means to grow your business.

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