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How will voice search impact SEO in 2021?

“Hey Alexa, can you find the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai?” “Hey Siri, can you search for an SEO agency for me in Mumbai?” We all have learned about Alexa and Siri, and few of us are asking such questions too. Getting answers to such questions which are conversationally worded is more realistic, as […]

An Idea can change your digital world

Digitalization is becoming the hot topic of the hour, especially since the past year when every one of us was under Covid-19 lockdown. Digitalization has shown its relevant impact on various sectors of business. It is dependent on how we manage it. Various surveys have been conducted, and the result shows that it is difficult […]

The #FearlessEight

Today we complete eight years of being into existence and it’s an extremely proud moment for me personally as I am the person who drew the concept note of LIQVD ASIA on a piece of paper eight years back. Cut to today, it’s a living, breathing organization of 100+ people with some great brands & […]

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