Movies go #Digital on Twitter !!

Digital ‘Presence’ has become mandatory to create a strong loyal consumer base globally. This presence can be direct or indirect depending upon the strategy adopted by the company. Digital Marketing Training Institute (DMTI) has proved how a simple conversation can actually be a trending topic on Twitter, with 5lacs+ Impression. It was just simple hashtag #ReplaceMovieNameWithDigital, which took over biggies like

Lays: #DesiHappiness;
Toyoto: #ToyotaWave;
Mass Running since 2010. #InAParallelUniverse;
OLXIndia: #IndiaNo1;
ArvindKejriwal: #1CroreAAPians
Visa: #In6SecondsYouCan
& many more..


The point to be made here, is how every single person is #DigitallyCrazy and everything around is Digital ; so we @ LIQVD Asia thought for DMTI (our client) what will happen if Movies are digitalized too and cropped the idea of replacing movie name with #Digital, and the tweets we received were not only interesting but hilarious too. Tweets came from every person even senior digital gurus like RammohanMadanSuvodeep and many more. The lighthearted conversation soon turned into a raging contest with active participation from across the country.

Therefore, if you are digitally active then the buzz you will create will remain active and everlasting..


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