How to integrate organic & paid social media promotions in your digital marketing strategy?

How to integrate Organic & Paid Social Media Promotions in your Digital Marketing Strategy?Are you getting confused between paid vs. organic social media promotions? Well, we have saved your time and legwork. Read it till the end to create the best digital marketing strategy that includes a bit of both.

The Paid and Organic Social Media Promotions, as per our experience, are the two sides of the coin. However, both are used for different goals. But using both a bit is equally important while spreading brand awareness and gaining new followers to grow your business.

What are organic social media promotions?

Usually, we refer to it as free social media content, including posts, memes, videos, photos, stories, etc., which all the businesses and brands use to populate their social media feeds. As a brand or a business, you can expect the following things to happen if you are posting organically.

  • People who follow you will see your content. (Only a specific percentage of followers will see your content, also known as organic reach)
  • Your followers’ followers will see your content if your followers reshare your content on their feed or stories.
  • If you have used some hashtags, then people following the hashtag will be able to see your post.

Though it sounds effortless, organic promotion is the best way to reach your followers and give them the latest information regarding your brand. Usually, brands use organic social media promotions to establish their personality and voice on social media, engaging existing customers throughout their buying journey, etc.

Here’s a classic example of an organic social media promotion we worked on recently. One of our BFSI clients, Bank of Baroda Credit Card, wanted to push a message across their existing customer base regarding the offers customers may get on groceries from various online stores like Big Basket, Amazon Pantry, SUPR Daily, etc. Instead of using a regular conversational tone, we tried using Pun Conversational tone in the copy and graphics that match the brand language.

On Facebook, we were able to reach 65,834 people using organic social media promotion.

What are paid social media promotions?

As said, paid social media advertising is another side of the coin when the brand is paying money to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., reaching new audiences who are likely to become prospects or followers.

According to eMarketer, paid social media advertising is receiving a good amount of interest from brands. Paid promotion is the best way for brands to target new audiences specifically interested in following the brand page. Brands usually use paid social media promotions to,

  • To raise brand awareness.
  • To increase social media followers.
  • Promote the new deals, content, or events.
  • To generate new leads.
  • Convert new audiences.

What we have seen over the years is that brands invest in paid social media when they see their posts performing well in the organic promotion. To help you understand better, let us take an example.

For the same BFSI brand, recently, we had created one #FathersDay video. We saw the post performing well for the initial hours after the posting. We had taken prior approval for the paid promotion in case post worked well.

We did promote the post, resulting in a decent paid social media post.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Bank of Baroda Credit Card (@bankofbarodacreditcard)

We were able to get 11,000+ views for the video.

How to Integrate Paid & Organic Social Media Promotions?

Paid and organic social media promotions have their advantages and disadvantages. We need to take into account all these pros and cons while devising our digital marketing strategy.

In short, if you ask us, then if organic promotions are meant to perform the relationship-building task, paid advertisements are meant to pay-to-play on social media.

We are mentioning the top 3 ways of integrating it to help you know how to go about it.

  • Not all promotions must be paid promotions

    All the posts you create on social media are not meant for paid promotion. As you can see from the example we gave above, only the posts that hit your KPI’s or business goals, for instance, must be promoted via—paid promotion medium.

  • Try and boost your best organic content.

    Let us consider that you have found an organic post that has done well in organic promotion and is capable enough to reach your KPI; then, such posts can be boosted to reach the other target audience.

  • Run A/B Testing to optimize your social media posts

    Before you assign any budget for an ad, you need to use A/B testing. You need to promote a post with a lesser budget and a little lesser audience. See if it works.

    Based on the results, judge the exact audience, age group, target location, and then assign a budget for an ad. This will ensure that you are not investing much in a paid promotion unless you have definite results.

These top 3 ways will ensure that your brand does not waste money on paid advertising. However, it will also help you ensure that the brands allocate the right amount of budget to the paid advertising whenever necessary.

If you find it challenging to integrate paid and organic social media advertising, you can connect with Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai to get it sorted fast and efficiently.

Happy Digital Marketing!

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