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Womens Day - Manya Singh, the runner-up in the VLCC Femina Miss Grand India 2020

“Start is never Easy!”

Those who believe this will agree with us that it’s the struggle and hard work that creates a destiny for anyone, whether personal or professional. Let us read one such struggle-led journey of Manya Singh, the runner-up in the VLCC Femina Miss Grand India 2020.

Manya Singh almost struggled for more than five years to reach this position. Her family faced several financial difficulties. To achieve her goals, she left home in Uttar Pradesh at the mere age of 14. She came to Mumbai, and her schedule during the day was like,

  • Attending college during the daytime
  • Washing dishes during the evening hours
  • Working in a call center at night

Though her life was full of struggle, she never dared to shift her focus from her dreams. In one of her Instagram posts, she described a little about her previous life when she struggled. We would love just to highlight a few points here.

  • Several nights without food and sleep.
  • Walking for miles to reach the destination to avoid paying the auto fare.
  • No school as she had to start working in teenage.
  • Completed a degree in college by mortgaging mother’s jewelry.


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She said that the blood, sweat, and tears amalgamated into the courage to pursue her dreams. Additionally, everything is possible if you are committed to yourself and your dreams.

Former Miss World, Manushi Chillar, correctly quoted in her story while congratulating Manya Singh that,


“Imagine, Create, and Inspire!”


Manya Singh failed several times to enter the beauty pageant, never lost hopes, and kept trying. And you know the results she got for her constant tries.

Are you someone who started a new business during the pandemic and has lost hopes of growing?


Are you someone who was running a business and planning to shut because of the recent pandemic?


Or anyone who has no idea of how to move forward with your business?


Then Manya Singh’s story will become an inspiration for you. In simple terms, if you are committed to growing your business, then there are ways to grow. If one door is shut for you, several other doors are open for you to excel.

The first thing you need to do is list all the goals you want to focus on. Next, you need to break it down into measurable metrics. Simultaneously, start collecting the data required to reach the goal, create a hypothesis, and start acting upon it. We know that it’s a little tough job for you to act upon. You can even hire an agency to do it for you.

This could be the first action plan of your start/restart. Going further, you will need a medium where you can easily communicate your business message and start converting. The best medium to communicate & covert is digital media. As per financial express, a huge digital transformation happened during the lockdown for small and micro-businesses.

Our communication to all our clients in digital terms is,


“Ideate, Create, and Repeat!”


When you are shifting your offline business online, you need to focus on three things.

Three things to focus on during digital transformation

  • Ideate – While shifting your focus on digital media, the base is always created with the ideas. You can easily develop further if you have ideas in place.
  • Create – Once you have ideas in place, you can start curating/working on them. Creativity is as important in the digital world as ideas are.
  • Repeat – Keep repeating the same steps again and again, even though you fail in any idea. There is always room for improvement but never lose hope.

Do you know why we surprisingly added Manya Singh’s story at the start?

The idea was to show you that Manya Singh never lost hope even after failing, and she was alone while carving her success journey. She might have kept someone as inspiration, and now she becomes an inspiration for others.

On the other hand, you have digital marketing agencies in your support to create your success story in the fast-paced digital world. Additionally, you can become an inspiration for others in the same business.

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