How to use digital marketing trends in brand awareness campaigns?

How to use Digital Marketing trends in Brand Awareness campaignsOver the years, digital marketing has constantly been revolving around two concepts, that are practically different. One concept always sticks to addressing customer’s issues, where content needs to be tailored if you wish to solve customer’s queries. The second concept is more into mechanical and technical aspects of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, etc., where customers don’t see the nitty-gritty.

In our previous content pieces, we had spoken about how Digital Marketing can be used for brand awareness; it’s time for us to discuss how you can use the digital marketing trends in 2021 for brand awareness. So here we have listed the top digital marketing trends of 2021 you can use to do brand awareness campaigns.

Best Digital Marketing trends of 2021 for brand awareness campaigns

  • Your focus should be on featured snippets of Google search results

    For several years, SEO experts’ goal had always been to bring their brand’s website to position number one in the search result. Going in 2021, SEO experts’ goal will be to rank their website to position number zero in the search results.

    Position zero refers to Google’s featured snippet. The featured snippet works with a different algorithm as compared to the regular search results. It answers the customer’s questions.

    If you wish to be featured in the featured snippet of Google search, you need to answer the keyword questions succinctly, preferably with bulleted lists or table formats.

  • Segmentation of customers

    Earlier, brands used to reduce their campaign and enlarge their budget/campaigns to reach most of the audience. For now, brands have accepted a different approach. Nowadays, brands have more number of campaigns with a small budget/campaign.

    With a small budget, they focus on geometric location, customer’s interests, age group, etc., to ensure that only the target audience can see the ads and take the necessary actions.

    With segmentation, brands have a better chance to reach their target audience without investing too much.

  • Images & Videos for Visual Searches

    You all already know that by entering the text, you can get the necessary videos and images. But did you know that now you can enter images and get the necessary information or context?

    You have heard it right; you can now enter an image in the search query and try to get more context about the image. For starters, you can apply the following basics in your SEO campaigns.

    • Always try to include Alt TEXT in your image description.
    • Add image to your sitemaps.
    • Or create dedicated image sitemaps.
    • Include your target keyword in the image filename.
    • You need to include higher definition images & videos.

    If you are running an eCommerce brand, then you need to familiarize yourself with Google Lens.

  • Interactive Content

    This is not something new for a digital marketer since it is a trend that has been in the market for the past 2-3 years. However, you need to understand that interactive content engages your users, improves customer’s interest in your brand, and gives them a better experience.

    Interactive content like quizzes, contests, questionnaires, etc., can help you create interactive content for your customers.

  • Local SEO

    Google is frequent in changing the local SEO algorithm. Therefore, if you are a local business, you must constantly update your local listing on Google if you wish to stay at the top.

    If you aren’t started yet, you can get yourself verified first. You can create a Google My Business (GMB) account or claim the existing listing. This will help you rank higher in the Google SERPs, and additionally, it will also help you serve your customers the required information when they search for you on the internet.

You may focus on a few other trends like Voice Search for SEO, Shoppable posts on social media channels, focusing on micro-influencers, Ad-Blocker Blockers, etc. These trends will give you better results in your brand awareness campaigns.

Summing It Up

Just using a single technique won’t let you reach your desired results. You need to make a strategy that includes multiple of these trends to create brand awareness. Suppose you are new in the digital marketing setup, or you want help strategizing or implementing the trends for your brand. In that case, you can connect with Liqvd Asia – digital marketing agency in Mumbai. They have experts to solve all your queries.

Happy Digital Marketing!

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