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In a fiercely competitive world, it is innovative solutions that ultimately enable some to get ahead of others in the never ending rat race. And no matter what the nature of the business, a well-structured process to manage billings, payments, and collections is key to maintain basic operations. But these processes more often than not, are manual, tedious, time-consuming and leave margin for human error. What’s more is there’s also a high turnaround time.

So how can a business spend less time and effort on tracking moneys, and focus on doing great work instead?

Enter, iManage.

A robust new financial ecosystem that’s strategically designed to let you manage money matters with little to no hassles. In short, it’s your one place to create, share and track money-related documents like estimates, invoices and requisition orders, with effortless ease.
Additionally, you can create and manage a record of your clients and vendors, which can easily be edited in the event of any change. Sync and integrate your workflow or project discussions with other applications like Google Calendar, Slack and Fresh Team applications.

This finance management godsend also brings unique features to the table like:

  • Client registration enabled with authorized approver
  • Real-time delivery of estimates & invoices to authorised approvers
  • One-click approval
  • Invoice delivery with authentic supporting documentation
  • Weekly email evaluation through outstanding & ageing reports
  • Smart AI-driven payment reminder system, and more!

Now you can let your business thrive and flourish by being in control of your finances, with reduced costs, improved turnaround times, and better billing & collection efficiency. With iManage, you can now facilitate the growth and success of your enterprise with minimised stress, which in turn allows more bandwidth for the great work you do!

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