From brand awareness to brand engagement – Digital Marketing Strategies

From Brand Awareness to Brand Engagement - Digital Marketing Strategies
Our last content piece helped you understand brand awareness and how digital marketing strategies will help do so. Additionally, we gave your examples of how brands use digital marketing for brand awareness. Since you have an understanding of brand awareness, we have now tried to show you a way of how digital marketing strategies will help you to engage your customers with your brand.

Firstly, customers should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy, whether online or offline. Being someone from a business background, you very well have this understanding.

Over the years, we have found that brands have always been looking out for strategies that engage their customers. Additionally, along with engagement, brands have always looked for ways to interact with their customers.

Brands interact with their customers in several ways. They give a significant amount of importance to the feedback, reviews, and user experience of their target customers for their brand. Engaging a customer with your brand is the whole and soul of any marketing strategy. It indirectly leads to an increase in sales.

Furthermore, highly engaged customers are likely to do mouth publicity of your products and services. The chances of converting customers using their mouth of publicity are more than any other way of promotion. It is an excellent way of enhancing the reach and a healthy way of increasing the sales numbers.

Starting from conceptualization to strategy creation till its implementation, brand strategists focus on several factors that eventually lead them to devise an effective marketing strategy. It begins with knowing the customer’s behavior on your website or online store.

Consider using the below-mentioned strategies for brand engagement.

Top 6 digital marketing strategies for brand engagement

  • Emphasize more on customer reviews

    Most brands encourage their customers to drop their reviews regarding the products and services either on social media channels or on their Google my business listing if it exists. Top brands recruit a team to take care of all these reviews, answer the reviews, and improve customer experience based on their reviews.

  • Ask questions about the products and services

    Asking questions is a way of building trust between a brand and its customers. You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to post polls or questions. We have seen brands pushing their products in the polls and ask customers to rate them. Such interactions lead to a sale if the promotion is done in the right way.

  • Live video sessions

    One of the most effective ways of engaging with your audience is by conducting regular live sessions. Video marketing humanizes brands. You can use a variety of social media channels to conduct live sessions.

  • Use mobile apps

    With the advent of smartphones, the usage of mobile-friendly apps has increased. Apart from having a company’s website, brands prefer a mobile application.

    These apps help users to have a bird-eye view of the products and services provided by your company. Similarly, they can rate and review the product and services on the app.

  • Following our well-known four-I strategy

    Interaction, Influence, Intimacy, and Interaction – These are the four-I strategy that Liqvd Asia has been following for years while engaging the audience with our customer’s brands.

  • Posting brand-specific solid content on the website and social media channels

    In the past two years, we have seen more and more brands are shifting their focus to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. They try to engage new customers and try to build a strong relationship with the existing customers.

    To do so, they try to post solid brand-specific content on their website and social media channels to improve their reputation.

These strategies will not only engage new customers but will build a unique brand identity.

Summing Up on Brand Engagement

If you can build a strong brand relationship with your customers, you have a brighter chance of converting. If you are unsure of how to work out with these strategies, you can connect with any digital marketing agency in Mumbai to build a plan to engage your customers with your brand.

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