#DigitalApnaMantraHai – Success Mantra for Businesses in 2021

#DigitalApnaMantraHai - Success Mantra for Businesses in 2021Brands have been marketing their products/services using several ways since their inception. Their marketing strategies have always been connected with the trends. By trends, we meant,

  • How are others marketing?
  • How are competitors marketing?
  • What will help them to reach their target audience?

Though there have been many failures during the journey, brands have never denied following the trends. Before we learn about the success mantra for businesses in 2021, let us understand the success mantra in the past years.

  • Radio Age– This was the period when we saw all the brands promoting their businesses on Radio. Though brands prefer radio as their marketing platform today, it is kind-of reducing as time is passing.
  • Television Age– This was when brands used to influx a lot of money in branding their businesses on Television. Except for brands that have gained recognition, others avoid putting so much money behind television ads these days.

During the period mentioned above, brands had to put a lot of money into advertising. There was a demand for a medium where brands had to put a little less money to reach their target audience. It was calling for the inception of an age which we now call the ‘Digital Age.’

The start of platforms like Orkut, Facebook, Instagram, etc., actually gave the biggest boost to the Digital Age of Advertising. Over the period, many platforms were developed, and a few went extinct. (With extinct, we meant users stopped using it)

We want to highlight here that digital strategies are not similar to television & radio marketing. It changes with the period, season, and trend.

We would like to give you three different digital mantras you can utilize while promoting your business on digital platforms.

(Please Note – We are relating the Mantras with a few influencer’s work just to give a better effect to our content piece)

Three Digital Mantras for businesses to follow in 2021

  • Be Aggressive in optimizing your website throughout the year. (#BeLikeVirat)
    When we see Virat Kohli winning matches as a captain, we praise him. We even curse when he loses. But have you thought about how many years he spent behind reaching the current position? We comment about his aggression, but that is his power, and it makes him one of India’s best captains. Similarly, when you see your competitors in the market searched easily on Google, it’s years of hard work done by content/search engine professionals to raise the search engine ranking. It took years of aggressive content creation, optimization, and patience that led them to reach on top. Your #DigitalMantra would be to #BeAggresive on the Search Engine Optimization front for 2021. It will give you a chance to reach different heights in your business.

  • Be opportunistic in using the trends to reach your target audience. (#BeLikePant)
    All the cricket-friendly people know how well Rishabh Pant utilized the given opportunity in Australia during the India Australia test series. He set the example for others in the team of how to grab the opportunity.Many brands either create trends or are in search of opportunities where they can connect with their target audience. They grab the opportunity and spread the brand message effectively. Your #DigitalMantra would be to #BeOpportunistic to utilize the trend to spread your brand message in 2021.

  • Be cool and consistent on your social media promotions. (#BeLikeDhoni)
    Dhoni has achieved a tagline of being #CaptainCool while making any field decisions as a captain. Additionally, he has received consistent results over time while being a captain of India. A brand is recognized for its cool way of promotion on social media. With cool, we want to say that they have created their aura, brand language on social media. And this has lead to their consistency in getting excellent results.


Your #DigitalMantra is to #BeConsistent on social media. Create your brand language and follow it to achieve good results in 2021.

You might be wondering how we decoded these #DigitalMantras? Over the years, we have worked on several Digital Marketing strategies with a variety of clients. Our team is experts in creating Digital Marketing strategies that vary depending on the period, season, and trend. (Which is actually required in this fast-paced Digital Age)

Additionally, we want to declare that we, too, believe that #DigitalApnaMantraHai, and we suggest the same to all our clients. And our clients have achieved their goals using the #DigitalMantras we mentioned here. It’s time for you to #MoveDigital, as it is the need of the hour.

If you need any kind of assistance in shifting your focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing, our team at Liqvd Asia will always be pleased to assist you. Do not hesitate to connect with us.

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