The #FearlessEight

The #FearlessEight - 8th Anniversary of Liqvd Asia - Founder Arnab Mitra speaks about proud moment
The #FearlessEight – 8th Anniversary of Liqvd Asia – Founder & Managing Director – Arnab Mitra speaks about proud moment

Today we complete eight years of being into existence and it’s an extremely proud moment for me personally as I am the person who drew the concept note of LIQVD ASIA on a piece of paper eight years back. Cut to today, it’s a living, breathing organization of 100+ people with some great brands & work under our belt. Quite honestly, there is a lot that has been achieved & as they say there is a lot more to achieve. Together.

2021 is the new start to a completely new decade and it’s also our golden chance to do something that will make us all extremely proud of ourselves, at least that one time! Here is that moment to change history, to make history as we move close to our 1st decade of being! But the million dollar question is that do we have the confidence to achieve the same? Or is it that there is something that’s holding us back? What are we afraid of? What’s the fear?

“They say that most people don’t have the confidence to believe that they can bring about change & hence they actually never do” Are we part of the most? Or are we different?

Confidence is something everyone wants because it’s said to lead to better careers, positions, salaries, teams, etc. And it’s widely believed that confidence is the 1st step towards becoming fearless. Unless one is confident of playing the A-game it’s practically impossible to be fearless.

However I feel that like everything else, even confidence is a lot of practice. There is a model that can be followed to achieve what you probably do not possess. And I am taking this moment to write to you all on the 1st working day of this new year so that together we can achieve greater heights in the coming days.


From today, every day


  • Keep ‘you’ in mind because confidence emerges from time-honored good work combined with a great attitude.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses because one of the best ways to build confidence is to get clear on your strengths and find ways to integrate those strengths into what you do every day. If there are weaknesses that are affecting your confidence, make a plan to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Believe in yourself because affirmations should always be said on a daily basis. You can do this. You are the best.
  • Keep track of your success because you’ll be more aware of your achievements. I keep a file on my computer of when my articles go trending and keep a list of external sources that share them. Trust me when I say it’s a great confidence booster.
  • Ask people for advice and encouragement because you can be confident and still seek out strength compliments from others. Sometimes other people see more talent in us than we recognize ourselves.
  • Challenge yourself on a daily basis because when you complete that challenge it will enhance your confidence. Even if you’re unsure of the outcome, try to refrain from judging your performance too early in the process, or comparing your performance to someone who has been doing that activity for a much longer period of time.
  • Positivity is power because – colleagues/team mates are drawn to those with an upbeat attitude, especially when challenges emerge; It’s contagious, and it will project confidence as you make this part of your ‘personal brand’.
  • Take time to process before you react because one of the most effective ways to gain confidence is elevating your emotional radar in the workplace. Read through the actions of your boss and coworkers, especially when they affect your self-confidence. If a co-worker or boss is lashing out in some way, he/she may be under a lot of stress from a project he/she is working on — something we are all a little familiar with.

Remember that In the end, it all comes down to believing in yourself. Confidence will continue to be an important factor for advancing ourselves within our industries, but we can’t let that bring us down. With a little change in your approach you can, or maybe even together we can practice being fearless. Mind me when I say this again, “Together we can be fearless“..say it after me “We are fearless

And to commemorate this moment we are introducing a new collective presence of our all 3 companies tagged at a sharp focal point that aims to make a dent in the world. A symbol that makes us believe that we can do it. We can be fearless & we can achieve what we want. Connected right at the edge, it shows how together we can be far more effective than being in silos. The peacock feathers lookalike shape of this consortium of our 3 brand colors represent an equal participation from every organisation in the LDIPL group, namely – The ADMC, LIQVD ASIA & Digiboxx.

8th Anniversary of Liqvd Asia -#Fearless

Here is the mnemonic of the #Fearless. Here’s the face of changing the pace. Here’s symbol of being together. Because it’s better, together.
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