An Idea can change your digital world

An Idea can change your digital world
Digitalization is becoming the hot topic of the hour, especially since the past year when every one of us was under Covid-19 lockdown. Digitalization has shown its relevant impact on various sectors of business. It is dependent on how we manage it.

Various surveys have been conducted, and the result shows that it is difficult for every business to create its digital footprint. Additionally, since digital media is still new and much is left to be explored, it becomes difficult for businesses to develop a good hold on digital media.

In such a situation, we remember a quote written by some unknown artists stating that,

“Everything that seems difficult is not impossible!”

It may be difficult for a brand to create a better digital existence in the present, but it is not impossible. Digital media has a lot more potential and gives your business many opportunities to grow. What matters is the ‘Idea’!

Hashtags have become a true revolution in the past decade. All the digital campaigns can drive a lot of traffic if it is connected with a good hashtag. We agree, do you?

We feel the hashtag itself becomes an ‘Idea’ to create your better digital existence, also for your better digital experience. It just takes one hashtag for your brand to become viral.

Let us look at a few examples from the recent past where hashtags helped brands/individuals go viral/popular among the general public.

Top examples of hashtags that went viral

  • #PawriHoRaiHai

    We have seen many tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, etc., with this hashtag. Brands have utilized the opportunity to use this hashtag and spread their brand message.

    It just took a day for an individual to become so famous on social media. Thanks to Digital Media!

    It shows that it takes just a hashtag (in the form of an idea) to spread awareness about your business on digital platforms and generate business. Depending on your business, you can create a hashtag for your digital campaign and start posting about it to spread your brand message among your target audience.

  • #LetsDoLunch

    Sometimes you need exclusive promotional content uploaded on your social media to engage your audience. A while back, Domino’s Pizza did a campaign called #LetsDoLunch on Tuesday afternoon, and this hashtag went trending within no time.

    Users on Twitter started tweeting/retweeting with this hashtag. People just needed to tweet with the hashtag to get a discount on their order. And no one will resist taking a discount with just a tweet.

    By creating such a campaign, you may spread the word about your brand, though you need to invest some time, money, and effort in creating such campaigns along with hashtags.

  • #TweetFromTheSeat

    A brand called ‘Charmin’ created this campaign called #TweetFromTheSeat, where they asked users to share real-life or hypothetical scenarios “from the seat.” The hashtag went viral, and people started sharing their scenarios on Twitter.

    We need to learn from ‘Charmin’ that if they can trend on Twitter, although being a toilet paper company, we can too. All we need to do is to create an ‘Idea.’

We know that it is not as easy to create an ‘Idea’ as we sound here. It takes a lot of effort, time, and money.

Suppose you find it challenging to develop a creative idea that can impact the digital world. In that case, you can connect with any digital marketing agency in India to create it for you. Additionally, they can even frame a plan of creating a better digital footprint for your brand without investing much of your budget.

Lastly, we would like to mention that,

“An Idea has all the potential to create your brand’s digital world!”

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