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3-W’s of growth
Image Credit – Sachin Tendulkar’s Twitter handle

What a historical moment it was! 19th Jan 2021, a day printed in golden letters in the history of the Indian Cricket, when India won 2-1 in the test series again Australia in Australia. Rishabh Pant, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Siraj, Washington Sundar, and so many other Indian champs gave their 200% to win the series after badly losing the First Test match, Adelaide. It was 36 all out. Indian cricket team changed our vision and thoughts when we think of 300+ runs target to be achieved on foreign soil in one day.

Injuries have been a serious problem for the whole Indian team, especially during this tour of Australia. We have seen Injured XI instead of Playing XI for India. But, looking at our bench strength’s power, we are sure that the future of Indian Cricket is in safe hands.

After the victory, we saw many comments, memes, trolls, etc., acquiring their space on social media channels, especially Twitter. We came across a thoughtful message by Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter.

The message clearly says that good days are still left for us to enjoy though there are bad days. If you wish to reach your chosen destination, the only way is to keep patience and keep working hard. The world might say you are wrong, but if you emerge successfully, they will follow you.

“The Spring stretches backward only to propel you forward!”

We (Liqvd Asia) agree with Sachin’s thought regarding the Indian cricket team’s victory. At one stage, we were defeated by Australia at Adelaide. The Indian Cricket team was trolled on social media channels. Several senior-most cricketers like Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke etc., commented that it would be a whitewash test series for India. Emerging victorious and not giving any attention to the comments is genuinely courageous.

Ajinkya Rahane, the invincible, displayed a character as a captain, we saw years back in Sourav Ganguly. He pumped up the team that nothing is impossible. He and the other support staff strategically showed that the Indian Cricket team could achieve it. If you look at his small innings in the last test, he scored 24 off 22. He set up an example that test cricket can be played like T20 cricket if needed.

We can learn a lot from this example and apply it to several other daily life activities. Let say our business. Like Team India were on the back foot after the first test, we (business people) were too with our businesses during the pandemic. Though we had to stretch in several aspects of our business during the lockdown, it’s not the end of our business.

If you wish to energize your business, you first need to answer the 3-W’s of growth. We consider these 3-W’s as the growth hackers.

Where are you falling short in your business?

What makes you hold the back foot position?

Why are you losing courage in growing your own business?

We agree with the thought that we are in a digital world. Lockdown has turned around the business strategies drastically. The customers now need the products delivered to their doorstep. They want services available online, for obvious reasons.

Though lockdown rules are eased, we still work from home. People have started buying their essentials online , from major delivery applications like Zomato & Swiggy. As someone running our own business, we need to understand that there is a need to switch all of our business slowly & gradually online. The question that might come to your mind is how?

We at Liqvd Asia have years of experience transforming offline businesses into online ones. We have a brand strategist team that has the potential to grow your business from scratch or revamp your existing business to reach different heights of success.

“Without a strategy, execution is aimless!” – well said by Morris Chang, The CEO of TSMC.

Liqvd Asia is a Digital Marketing Agency in India that aims to devise a digital strategy (for small, medium, and big companies) that creates awareness, growth, a path towards a successful business, and ultimately generates business revenue. We believe in becoming your digital partner instead of becoming a digital helper.

If you wish to join hands with us, then do not hesitate to connect with us.

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